Carlo Thertus is a New York-based Haitian artist and executive director of Creative Art Space for Kids, Inc. in Oceanside, N.Y. This month he will be honored at the Caribbean Chamber of Commerce for his work., , , , -


carlo-thertus 1970

From his artist statement: “Man must become more aware of his environment. Nature and world politics are both in a fragile state. We must find harmony to exist. Hand in hand, people of all races have to unite to save our planet (humanity). I have seen too much violence. Consciousness should be just and peaceful and energy should be used positively.

Coming from total ignorance out of the jungles and caves, we managed to evolve to where we are, as we are the only species with the gift of imagination, intelligence, knowledge. Today, the world of the twenty-first century is “the Fourth Dimension” of time.

We are at the center of relativity with the gift of being human, a gift that we still cannot reason with… So much hate even between religions that are worshiping the same God. Today, men are no longer revindicated with the sword, with our new wealth of knowledge we are taking baby steps into a new frontier. According to the laws of general relativity, humanity’s consciousness is not in relativity to its time — its evolution.

One would do this equation of

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